Small Business Technology & Advice


Smiling-ManHello everyone, my name is Jamie Leach, I’m a 32 yeas old and I work as a software developer. My passion for computers and software began while I was still in high school and persisted until this day. I am one of those people who can honestly say that I love my job. Mostly because I get to create something that will make someone’s life easier. Software development is so much more than just typing endless lines of code, it’s also about making a software that will improve your productivity and/or day to day tasks by using it. And that is the hardest thing in software development, having ideas.

As the title of the site says “Kokopelli” like the old Native American god of fertility. I will try to spark something in to to wake up that productivity and push you in to making something big. Here you will find information about how software affects small businesses. Hopefully this will help you solve any doubts you may have had and hopefully make your business better by implementing a software that will do some of the work for you.