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Apple May Have Accidentally Revealed New iPhone Plans

Posted by on May 26, 2015


With the successful launches of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and the Apple Watch on their way to becoming old news, everyone who spends even a second of their days thinking about technology and smartphones is wondering what the next step for the famous line of smartphones by the most valuable company in the world is.

Talks of the iPhone 6s, 6c or even 7 have already begun, and some specialized blogs and websites speculate that a new iPhone announcement may be coming soon and that Apple fans may be able to hold a new phone in the hands by late summer/early fall. And judging by this rare slip-up from Apple themselves, they may be on to something.

A new charger model was added to the tech giant’s website and the item’s picture shows a phone on top of the charger – probably simulating the charging process – which many have recognized as a possible prototype for what could be the iPhone 6c, as it looks like a now-outdated iPhone 5c, but bears the TouchID fingerprint scanner, something which only the “6” models have, and which is being added to all the company’s devices, as it is important as a supporting interface for the launch of ApplePay, which should be available across all of Apple’s devices.

Apple’s “C” iPhones are usually a slightly more affordable and more humbly performing version of the current version of the iPhone, so the iPhone 6C isn’t expected to be very innovative or improved when compared to the 6 and 6 Plus. However, the iPhone 5C is still available for purchase, even though it is greatly outdated, thus implying that Apple might not have given up on their entry-level phones, which might mean a new version is on the way.

This probably unintentional revelation from Apple comes at a time when speculation about the launch of a new iPhone is intensifying, with sources saying up to three new models, including the aforementioned 6C, a 6S and a 6S Plus, could be released at the end of the year, with the usual processing power and IOS updates meant to ward off competition until the launch of a new, top of the line model, which would be the iPhone 7.

Other sources, however, seem to think that Apple might actually skip the “S” and “C” models. But whatever happens, case providers all over the world will surely be ready for the new models of iPhones. Cases of all shapes and sizes have sprouted here and there and the plethora of choices can sometimes be overwhelming. A sleek design can always work but if I was going to choose the luxury customizations like this service provided by Gold Status will surely be at the top of my list.

Anyway, got a bit sidetracked there. As for the new phone’s features, it is expected to have the Force Touch technology, which sense how much pressure is being used and performs different tasks accordingly, as well as the TouchID sensor. Although it won’t get any bigger, its build will likely be improved, as will the camera, which will supposedly go from 8MP to 12MP, and the processing chip, which should be updated from the A8 to an A9.

There is also talk of an “edge” display, like that of the latest Samsung Galaxy, but although some would likely appreciate the gimmick, the image “revealed by accident” does not suggest that in the least.

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How To Clean Your iPhone Screen

Posted by on May 9, 2015

How To Clean The Screen Of Your iPhone

The touch screens of iPod and iPhone are prepared using oleophobic coating, which tends to repel oil. In order to sustain the smooth working of these screens, careful handling is very important. The article intents to help you by providing some useful methods that will not merely help you with the cleaning of such screens, but averting damage in the long run as well:

Method 1: Cleaning The Device

To start with the cleaning process, it is always important to ensure that the iPod or iPhone touch is unplugged and shut down. In other case, the chances of lasting damage to the screen increased.

A small microfiber cloth normally accompanies with the device. This special cloth tends to be lint-free and soft. Interestingly, this specially designed fabric does not put scratches on the touch screen.  Thus, gently use the cloth in circular motions, in order to remove all the stains and fingerprints. Avoid exerting pressure on the screen while cleaning it, as this can result in losing some portion of the oleophobic coating.

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In case there are some stains on your screen that have failed to remove with the microfiber cloth alone, for example, some grime or dried soda, then you can wet a small portion of it using clean water. Gently rub the stain with the dampened part. Avoid excess water on your screen, as this can permanently damage the screen.Thus, slight wetting of the cloth is finefor cleaning purposes. Do not wipe the ports with the wet part, as moisture can harm your device if it manages to reach into such areas.

You need to ensure that there is no moisture left on the screen.

Method 2: Avoiding Damaging Cleaning Approaches

It is strictly advised to avoid using any type of chemicals such as antibacterial or window cleaner. Remember, these are powerful enough to remove the protective layer encompassing the screen, affecting the life of the device. Nothing except water should be used for the cleaning purpose. Besides, also avoid using cleaners intended for LCD screens. Natural substances for example lemon juice and vinegar also tends to be abrasive enough, thus, avoid!

As mentioned earlier, water should be used in small amounts, and by no means, it should be dripped or poured on your screen.

Thoroughly go through the user manual, in case you or someone has accidentally dropped water on your screen. The booklet will help you with the steps to fix the concern.

Using a tissue, napkin, paper towel or even a towel can put scratches on your iPod or iPhone Touch. Thus, as mentioned earlier, always choose the lint-free fabric that has come along with your device. In case you have misplaced the cloth and need to clean your screen, then you can use the fabric intended for the cleaning of glasses and lenses. You can then purchase a fresh new lint-free fabric from the computer store.

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